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Blogs and Case Studies

Are you looking for resources that cover some of the most complex 1031 Exchange scenarios?

This page is dedicated to educating our readers to better understand current 1031 Exchange regulations. Our case studies and blog posts are created by our team to help you maneuver specific situations within your 1031 Exchange transaction.

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1031 Exchange Rules for Second Homes
• Reinvestment Requirements
• 1031 Exchange Depreciation Options
• 1031 Exchange Drop and Swap
• DropSwap vs SwapDrop
• Seller Financing
• Tax Relief for Victims of Hurricane Ian
• 1031 Exchange Spanning 2 Years
• Calculate Potential Tax Benefits
• Related Parties
• 1031 Exchange Basics
• Myth of Cooperation Clause
• Transferring Real Estate in Reverse Exchanges
• Refinance Before or After a 1031 Exchange
• Case Study Improvement Exchanges
• Case Study Reverse Exchanges
• Improvement Exchanges
• Reverse Exchanges
• Case Study Forward Exchanges
• Same Taxpayer Rule
• Steps To Successful 1031 Exchange
• Vacation Home Rules
• Valid Selling Expenses
• What is Like Kind?

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